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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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Associate Director, Educational Programming
Denise Blumenthal

Curriculum Developer/Writer
Carol Bershad

Web Producer
Theodore Sicker

Project Director
Julie C. Benyo

Lead Designers
Laurie Bell
Kim Ducharme

Lisa Rosenthal
Christian Wise

Lead Developer
Peter Pinch

Joseph Brandt

Special Projects Assistant
Melanie MacFarlane

Vanessa Hayes

Sandy Kendall

Business Manager
Walter Gadecki

Unit Manager
Gail O'Docherty

Administrative Assistants
Justin Brown
Anna Karlsson

Evolution Series Executive Producer
Richard Hutton

Executive Producer, Educational Programming and Outreach
Michele Korf

Vice President, Special Telecommunications Services
Brigid Sullivan

For Clear Blue Sky Productions

Executives-in-Charge of Production
Paul G. Allen
Jody Patton

Executive Producer
Eric Robison

Director of Documentary Productions
Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss

Coordinating Producer
Pamela Rosenstein

Project Manager, Creative Design
Brooke Mackay

Director of Web Development
Matthew Greene

Director of Marketing and Publicity
Jason J. Hunke

Course Advisors
John Banister-Marx
Jean Beard
Richard Benz
Rodger Bybee
Larry Flammer
Joseph Levine
Pam Pelletier
Eugenie C. Scott

Teaching Evolution was produced for Evolution by WGBH Educational Programming and Outreach and WGBH Interactive.

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