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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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SESSION 1: What Is the Nature of Science?

Engage Part C: Build a Concept Map

A concept map is a visual representation of the relationship between ideas. On a piece of paper (or using concept mapping software, such as Inspiration®*), draw a concept map that answers the question:

What are the processes of science?

To build a concept map:


Put "Science Processes" in a circle in the center of the map you build.


Now write any concepts related to "Science Processes" in boxes surrounding the central idea. For example, write "Experiments."


Continue to add any sub-concepts connected to the main idea or the subordinate ideas. For example, write "Variable" in a box (or other symbol) near "Experiments."


Draw lines or arrows to show the relationship between ideas. For example, draw a line that connects "Experiments" with "Science Processes."


Save your concept map for later use.

Image of a sample concept map. With the concept 'Scientific Processes' in the center and related topics connected to it.

Check out this Sample Concept Map to view an example of a completed map.

*To learn more about how to build a concept map and for ideas on how to use concept maps in your teaching, see these Web sites:
Visual Learning Using Inspiration
Mindjet Visual Thinking
IHMC Concept Mapping Software (free for non-commercial use)
Microsoft Visio
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