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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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SESSION 2: How Does Darwin's Theory of Evolution
Illustrate the Process of Science?

Elaborate Part A: The Age of Darwin

Darwin waited a long time before presenting his theory because he worried about how it would be accepted. To understand the times in which Darwin lived, his struggle with religious beliefs, and the response to his theory:

Image of Darwin holding a candle talking with two others, from Evolution Show One.

Watch the Evolution Show One video segment "Darwin: Reluctant Rebel."

Darwin: Reluctant Rebel
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Review the "Darwin's God" theme of the Darwin's Diary Web activity.

 Screenshot of the Darwin's Diary Web activity showing a timeline of Darwin's life and some childhood photos.

Darwin's Diary

Read Darwin's letter to Charles Lyell, the geologist whose work greatly influenced Darwin.

Think about:


What were Fitzroy's, Owen's, and Darwin's wife Emma's objections to his theory?


Why was publishing his theory a courageous act for Darwin?


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