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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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SESSION 4: What Are the Processes for Evolution?

Resources for SESSION 4

Resources marked with an * are designed to help you teach this topic in your classroom.

Evolution Project Resources

Teacher's Guide

Unit 4: How Does Evolution Work?* (pdf)

Lessons for Students

Lesson 4: How Does Evolution Work?*

Videos for Students


How Does Evolution Really Work?*


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Web Activities


Life's Grand Design


The Advantage of Sex


Sex and the Single Guppy (Flash)


An Origin of Species (Flash)


Coral Reef Connections (Flash)

Video Segments


Evolution of the Eye


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Genetic Toolkit


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Evolution of Camouflage


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A Mutation Story


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Red Queen


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Tale of the Peacock


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Hummingbird Species in the Transitional Zone


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Ancient Farmers of the Amazon


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TV Series


Show 2: Great Transformations


Show 4: Evolutionary Arms Race


Show 5: Why Sex?

Other Library Resources


Walter Gehring: Master Control Genes and the Evolution of the Eye


Mimicry: The Orchid and the Bee


How the Woodpecker Avoids a Headache


Evolution of the Dog


Corn Oil Graph


Genetic Drift and the Founder Effect


Isolating Mechanisms (Flash)


Natural Selection in Real Time


Grants' Finch Study


Convergence: Marsupials and Placentals (pdf)


Convergent Evolution


E. O. Wilson: The World of Microbes:


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Other Resources

External Web Links


Lund Vision Group Web site
Interesting Web site that links to current research on eye evolution.


Creation/Evolution Web site
Presents creationist argument and scientists' answers about evolution of the eye.


Planet Ocean: Blue Whale
Discovery School Web site students about the adaptations of blue whales.


Contrivances: Orchids and the Panda's Thumb
Includes a mini-lesson on adaptations, imperfections, and contrivances.


Palomar College tutorial on mutations and synthetic theory.


Natural Selection
Palomar College tutorial on the heredity of sickle cell anemia.


Palomar College tutorial on recombination and synthetic theory.


Small Population Effects
Palomar College tutorial on small population effects and synthetic theory.


Talk.Origins Archive
The Talk.Origins Archive of the discussion and debate of biological and physical origins.


Are Mutations Harmful?
Questions, answers, and links to articles on evolution and mutations.


University College London Department of Biology Web site
Explanation of reproductive isolation and isolating mechanisms.


Studying Living Organisms
Australian mammals and speciation activity.


Island Biogeography and Evolution: Solving a Phylogenetic Puzzle with Molecular Genetics
Activity on island biogeography and evolution.


Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes
Lessons on evolution.



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What Darwin Never Saw (Grants' finch research in Galapagos; available from Kurtis Productions, 1-312-951-5700).



Wilson, E.O, and D. L. Perlman. Conserving Earth's Biodiversity. Washington, DC: Island Press. 2000.



The Blind Watchmaker v. 1.2

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