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SESSION 5: How Did Humans Evolve? Is Evolution Still Happening?

Elaborate Part D: Human Influence on Evolution

Many scientists believe we are in the throes of a mass extinction event comparable to the Permian and Cretaceous events, with more than 90 percent of species lost. Other scientists disagree that an extinction event is even taking place at all. What is the role of humans in this scenario? To gather more information on extinction, explore the Web roundtable, "A Modern Mass Extinction?"

Use the following resources to research how human intelligence and the use of technology might influence the evolution of humans and other species:

Watch the Evolution Show Three video segment "Biological Invaders."

Review the Evolution Library resources in the Why Evolution Matters section (including the Agriculture, Environment, and Medicine subcategories).

 Image of a snake.

Biological Invaders
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Look at the following Web sites:

Rutgers University Web site
Evolutionary Biology: Meeting Societal Needs section of a comprehensive report on Evolution, Science, and Society sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the A. P. Sloan Foundation

The National Health Museum Web site
Comprehensive site about biotech including issues and ethics, biotech applications, careers, diagrams of related science principles and processes, and archives of biotech activities

NOVA/Frontline Web site
Articles, interviews, interactive activities, and resources related to the NOVA/Frontline show "Harvest of Fear"

The Biotechnology Industry Organization Web site
Information on food and agricultural biotechnology

Union of Concerned Scientists Web site
Views on genetically engineered crops and reasons for modifications as well as information on antibiotic resistance

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Web site
Information on endangered species and habitat conservation

Ecological Society of America Web site
Fact sheet on invasive species

Summarize your findings:



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