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What Killed the Dinosaurs? Source Credits

Three-dimensional Bouguer gravity anomaly map over the Chicxulub crater
Mark Pilkington, Geological Survey of Canada

Unaltered tektite glass, separated from the Cretaceous-Tertiary ejecta layer, as preserved at the Mimbral locality, Tamaulipas state, Mexico
Courtesy Alan Hildebrand

A 0.32 mm shocked quartz grain from intracrater breccia sample Y6 N14 of the Chicxulub crater
Courtesy Alan Hildebrand

Outcrop of strata crossing the Cretaceous-Tertiary (K/T) boundary at Brazos River, Falls County, Texas
Courtesy Alan Hildebrand

Deccan Plateau
Courtesy NASA JSC Digital Image Collection

Trilobite fossil
Copyright Protection Notice: © Dewitt Jones/CORBIS

A Hypacrosaurus dinosaur fossil from the Cretaceous era
Copyright Protection Notice: © Kevin Schafer/CORBIS

Cretaceous Gryposaurus dinosaur fossil
Copyright Protection Notice: © Kevin Schafer/CORBIS
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