Bonnie St. John looks back at her Paralympic experience and is "overwhelmed with joy and awe" at the competition today.

Amidst the excitement of the upcoming London Games, St. John remembers the difficult training conditions that she and other Paralympic athletes lived with thirty years ago:

"Two years ago, I was invited to go to Canada as a member of the official Presidential Delegation to the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games. I was thrilled to once again represent my country in a Paralympic milieu, albeit from the cushy sidelines of the VIP seats. To serve side by side with distinguished fellow Paralympians Jim Martinson, Mike May and Melissa Stockwell, not to mention a Special Assistant to the President, two Cabinet members, and the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, was one of the most exciting honors I have ever experienced.

The moment our plane landed in Vancouver, I tried to conjure images from the Innsbruck Games, where I competed in 1984. But nothing came. Not the long, transatlantic plane ride, nor the airport, nor the majestic Alpine scenery. There were some hazy recollections of schlepping all my gear around narrow icy streets, sharing a tiny room in a B&B with two teammates, getting nothing but hard rolls and salami for breakfast and waiting in the freezing cold for my turn to hit the gates. But all I could clearly remember was my laser-like focus on the job at hand, the terror of potential failure and the dizzying prospect of taking home a medal—or three."

Continue reading Bonnie St. John's full blog post, and watch her interview with Tavis Smiley.


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