FROM: Jeff FabryArchery

The countdown has begun: less than 100 days till the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Paralympic Games in London.  This is my third opportunity to represent the United States in the Paralympic Games.  I can’t wait to do my best and bring home a medal for the USA!    

Yes, it has been 4 years since the last Paralympics, but I can still feel the disappointment/victory from winning bronze in Beijing. This has helped me continue to drive forward, to keep shooting the best I can! I consider the window we are in now as “CRUNCH TIME”! This means that every minute spent training from here on out will lead to peak top performance for the Games. Every time the bow is drawn, each arrow that is cast will have definite meaning.  

To get to the top, each athlete has to have a support system. My support comes from my wife and 2 kids.  They are the ones who actually make the biggest sacrifices. Not having a husband around for weeks at a time to help deal with kids is definitely added stress. Then think how a child feels when the athlete parent is only home every other week. Missing activities at school and after school events can frustrate a child. This is where the athlete has to make sure quality time is spent with the family.  Without the support of the family, the athlete will only have practice time!!!

As you watch the Olympic and Paralympic Games this fall, remember that every athlete on the field of play has made sacrifices. But the biggest sacrifices were made by the ones that love them the most.


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