This weekend I went camping with my family and our neighbors.  My non-profit organization, Champions Made From Adversity, put on an event called "We Can Ski." And here are some of my stories from prepping for the London Games this year…

It was a chance for people with disabilities to get out and try new things and just have fun.  It was also a way to let people know that just because you have a disability, you don't have to sit at home - you can get out and do things.  We had pleasure boat cruises, tubing, skiing on a mono-ski and swimming.  The turnout was great, and it's always good to see people smiling, laughing and having a good time.  

And here are some of my stories from prepping for the London Games this year…

In November 2011, I went to the Parapan American games in Guadalajara, Mexico.  I competed in shotput and took gold. 

I also qualified for discus, where I competed, tore 20 percent of my triceps muscle, and took Bronze.  I ended up having surgery to repair the triceps.  For 3 months I was not able to train or do anything. 

Then I started lifting weights again, trying to get my arm built back up.  I’m just getting back into the swing of things and competing again.  I'm starting out a little slow.  I don't want to reinjure myself. 

My first competition was in Tampa, Florida.  I threw 10.51 meters.   That was okay for my first competition.  I was a little nervous about throwing after the surgery. 

The next weekend I went to Arizona for the Desert Challenge and competed in my second competition.  I threw 10.91 meters. 

The following week I left for San Diego, California, to go to the Olympic Training Center to train and compete.  I threw 10.82 meters, a slight decrease in my throw from my last competition.  I think I was just a little fatigued from all the traveling in those last two weeks. 

And I left straight from San Diego to fly to Naples, Florida, to speak for Memorial Day!


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