Starting next Monday, MEDAL QUEST will be blogging live from the London 2012 Games.  We’re really excited to be going, to share with you our experiences and the experiences of the amazing Team USA Paralympians.    

I thought I’d start the MQ blog a bit early, though, to let you know who the MEDAL QUEST’s blog team is. I’m Judith Vecchione, the project’s executive producer, and I’ll be the main MEDAL QUEST blogger.  I’ve been working to create MEDAL QUEST for about eight years now, knowing that the stories of America’s Paralympians are just too great to leave untold.  I’ll also be posting to our Facebook pages (facebook.com/medalquest) and tweeting (@medalquest) from the arenas.  Meredith Nierman, our London photographer, will be posting, too, and sharing lots and lots of great photos.  Others on the MQ team will chime in, too.  Please join us, “like” us, and share us everywhere!

And here’s a thought for the day - A week ago, when the Olympics ended, people realized that the American women, if they had been a country - just the women! –would have been second in gold medals, behind China and tied with Great Britain.  And they would have been fourth in the world for overall medal count, only behind China, Russia, and Great Britain.  It makes me wonder:  Who will do better at the Paralympics, the Team USA men or the women?  There are 133 men and 94 women going to London, so it could be a close contest…

Judith Vecchione, Executive Producer


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