9:50 pm, a short end of day (London time) note

Producer Lindsay Gillette and I looked in at the Copper Box today, the venue where goalballers Jen Armbruster, Asya Miller, and Lisa Czechowski will be competing in just two days.

Despite its name, the Copper Box is a kind of dark charcoal on the outside, and the stadium inside is filled with bright, multicolored seating around the goalball field of play, not copper-y at all.  A group of Paralympic volunteers and staff, identifiable by their characteristic pink and maroon shirts, were tossing a goalball around — not hard, the way the athletes do, just having fun before everything gets going.

The Copper Box is quite close to the Olympic Stadium, and as we walked by we could hear the rehearsals for tomorrow's Opening Ceremonies: some loud trumpet music and some more ethereal choral singing.  I also noticed that the crowds are already filling in — lots more families speaking in many languages, more people in wheelchairs, more people with country names like HELLAS (Greece) written on their backs.

The only note of concern:  one of the venue staff said with great assurance that it was going to be pouring rain on the night of the 29th.  I decided we should hope he was joking, British humour and all that.  And also carry umbrellas.

Judith Vecchione, Executive Producer


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