NOVA Online: Bombing of America

After the Blast

car expoding gif build

After a bomb explodes, the area is combed for physical evidence.

investigator searching site

A trained investigator can spot which pieces of debris are important.

In the case of the abortion clinic bombers, whose case was described in our NOVA program, "Bombing of America," various pieces of evidence were recovered, which eventually led to the arrest of three suspects. In our television program, we discuss how the

paint chips paint chips,

gas canister gas canister and

wick fabric bomb wick

from a molotov cocktail helped investigators track down the criminals.

Here on NOVA On Line, we'll examine the techniques used to analyze the fingerprint and strand of hair that were found.

fingerprint highlighted image of hair on television monitor

Note: to learn about the chemical residue bombs leave behind, check out this week's Hot Science.

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