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Future Ruins

This is an ancient Zoque site, built about 1000 years ago, which archaeologists found on a 1997 expedition in the Chiapas region of Mexico. They believe it was originally covered in glistening stucco, and could have served both as a residence for Zoque leaders and as a site for ceremonies. Play the video clip below to see what the complex may have looked like before the jungle swallowed it—and how it could appear again if restored to its former glory.

Still from Future Ruins animation You'll need one of the (free) software plugins—RealPlayer or QuickTime—to view the animation of the ruins. If you already have the software, choose an appropriate connection speed or file size to view a clip.

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Below are four photographs of the site in its current state, partially collapsed and overrun with jungle growth.
View of current-day state of the ruins View of current-day state of the ruins
View of current-day state of the ruins View of current-day state of the ruins

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