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Mic Guaring 37
Physical Therapist

Summer 2006 Profile

Mic grew up in the Philippines, where running just for exercise and pleasure is almost unheard of. He has now lived in New England for 11 years. Working as a physical therapist, Mic recognizes the importance of good exercise habits. Yet he describes himself as completely sedentary, other than gardening in the summer. He wants to train for the marathon to improve his general well-being.

Mic's Race Results & Update

Official Time/Pace
4hrs. 27min./10:11 minutes per mile

Are you still running, four months later?
Yes, but not as much as I want to. Summer has been very hectic for me, vacations, travels, etc. I run about one to two times a week for about two to three miles every run. I try to run whenever I can. I would like to resume a more rigid running schedule. I was supposed to run with Betsey for the Run to the Beach, in NH, but we did not get in. I intend to run more races in the future—short runs like 10Ks or half marathons. I intend to run the BAA half marathon in October. I am not sure if I will commit to a full marathon anytime soon because it entails so much time and energy.

What else has stayed with you?
The friends that I made. I still talk to some of my teammates and go out with them to socialize. I also earned a lot of respect from my other friends and acquaintances and family because, to most of them, running a marathon is one of those insurmountable things in life. The fact that I did it is just incredible to them.

Before the marathon, I was already a healthy eater, but I did not eat breakfast. Now I make sure I eat a healthy breakfast, like toast, juice, etc. I continue to eat well, focusing on fish and other seafood and vegetables.

What it all meant
It was a big accomplishment because I was able to test my limits and push myself as far as I could go physically. I had a hard time during the last few miles of the marathon, but I pushed and pushed and pushed. Running the marathon was not just a physical test but also a mental one, and I think I succeeded because I pushed myself in both areas. I am not a quitter. When I put in my name to join the team, I made a commitment that I would make it to the finish line on April 16, 2007, and that I did.

Running and training for the marathon has been one of the best experiences in my life. It made me healthier and appreciative of what my body and mind can do.

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