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Memory of the Camps

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"Memory of the Camps" includes footage from a handful of the hundreds of prison, labor and concentration camps, including:

Bergen-Belsen — approx. 50,000 dead, including 14,000 who were too sick to survive after liberation
Dachau — 188,000 total prisoners, 28,000 dead between 1940-45. Unknown how many deaths between 1933-1939.
Buchenwald — between 33,000-43,000 dead
Ebensee — approx. 20,000 dead
Mauthausen — 119,000 dead
Ludwigslust (Wöbbelin) — at least 1,000 dead
Ohrdruf — a sub camp of Buchenwald
Auschwitz — 1.1-1.6 million dead

Sources: Jewish Virtual Encyclopedia, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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