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on our watch

Additional Resources

A Note about Internet Resources
Students need to be aware that Web sites sometimes only present one view of an issue. Encourage them to think about Web sites even as they are reading. Guiding questions as they review Web sites are: What did you learn from this site? What didn't you learn from this site? Who sponsors this site? What bias might the sponsor have? How current is the site?


The companion Web site to the On Our Watch documentary features a timeline, map, on-demand video streaming of the full program, themes and analysis and annotated links. Of particular interest in the analysis section is "The China Connection."

National Public Radio
In this report from 2004, NPR's Noah Adams speaks with New Yorker reporter Samantha Power about her experience reporting from the troubled Darfur region in Sudan. The Janjaweed, a group of Islamic pro-government militia accused of genocide against black Africans, continue today to terrorize the people of Darfur and neighboring Chad.