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China in the Red
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Student Assignment Sheet: China in the Red

The People

Note: Some of these questions can be answered by more than one person. Talk to a different person for each question.

  • Find someone who has made a lot of money. How has he or she done this?

  • Find someone who has worked for a long time but now worries that she is too old for her job.

  • Find someone who has concerns about her or his children. What is this person's job? What do they hope for the future of their child?

  • Find someone who is suffering from downward job mobility. What was her job at the start? At the end? What is her state of mind?

  • Find someone for whom the illness of someone else in her family is a problem. What other obligations does she have? What does she think she should do?

  • Find someone who wants to keep his job despite the risks. Why does he want to stay? What are his hopes and fears?

  • Find someone who is sick. How does she get medicine? What effect does the sickness have on her family? What does she think she should do?

  • Find someone who lives in the country. What problems does he or she face?

  • Find someone who lives in the city. What problems does he or she face?

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