United States of Secrets

May 13 & May 20, 2014

How did the government come to spy on millions of Americans?

United States of Secrets (Part One)How did the government come to spy on millions of Americans?
United States of Secrets (Part Two)FRONTLINE investigates how Silicon Valley feeds the NSA's global dragnet.

How AT&T Helped the NSA Spy on Millions

A new investigation finds that the NSA’s relationship with the nation’s second biggest wireless carrier was “unique and especially productive.”

With or Without the Patriot Act, Here’s How the NSA Can Still Spy on Americans

The provisions of the Patriot Act that were allowed to lapse today represent only part of the vast NSA surveillance apparatus exposed by Edward Snowden.

FRONTLINE Wins Peabody Award for “United States of Secrets”

FRONTLINE’s two-part investigation of the NSA’s surveillance activities post-9/11 has been honored with a Peabody Award for excellence in documentary filmmaking.

How the NSA Spying Programs Have Changed Since Snowden

The government says it’s made reforms to its surveillance programs. But how much is really different?

Snowden on Cyber Warfare: “We Really Started This Trend”

Edward Snowden talks with NOVA about how U.S. spying raises the risk of cyber attacks.

How the NSA’s Secret Elite Hacking Unit Works

The NSA is thought to deploy the Tailored Access Operations (TAO) unit for specific hard-to-get targets.

How the NSA Can Get Onto Your Computer

Security expert Ashkan Soltani explains how the NSA can get onto a user’s computer via the web browser.

How the NSA Can Get Onto Your iPhone

Security expert Ashkan Soltani breaks it down.

Live Chat: Silicon Valley, the NSA, and You

FRONTLINE’s Martin Smith, cybersecurity analyst Ashkan Soltani and Mashable’s Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai take your questions on Wed. 5/21 at 2 pm ET.

Podcast: How to Protect Yourself (and Your Data) Online

In the latest FRONTLINE roundtable, privacy experts Julia Angwin and Hanni Fakhoury talk privacy and surveillance in today’s data-saturated world.

The Robot Defense: How Google Saw Privacy Before Snowden

In 2004, Google’s co-founder offered a unique defense of the web giant’s privacy policies.

How the U.S. Gov’t Turned Silicon Valley Into a Surveillance Partner

Ten years later, Nick Merrill still can’t discuss the details of the data request that came hand delivered to him from the FBI.

Next Week: How Silicon Valley Feeds the NSA’s Global Dragnet

On May 20, FRONTLINE investigates what the tech industry said when the NSA came knocking.

Live Chat: How Did the Government Come to Spy on Millions of Americans?

FRONTLINE’s Mike Wiser, Spencer Ackerman of The Guardian and NSA whistleblower Kirk Wiebe will answer this question — and take yours. Join us Wed. 5/20 at 2 pm EST.

What Does It Mean When the NSA Has Your Number?

A study of what the NSA may be able to learn by analyzing telephone metadata may confirm the worst fears of privacy advocates.

Obama on Mass Government Surveillance, Then and Now

Barack Obama campaigned for the White House promising “no more secrecy,” but as president he has embraced the same domestic surveillance programs he derided as a candidate.

NSA Reform: A Guide to the Options

Lawmakers in Congress are jousting over how to reform the NSA’s domestic surveillance activities. Will changes go far enough?

Readings & Links: NSA Secrets

A guide to the major leaks about the NSA’s domestic surveillance program.

How Edward Snowden Leaked “Thousands” of NSA Documents

“I’ve got some stuff you might be interested in.” With that simple message, the biggest leak of government secrets in history was set in motion.

Inside the NSA the Day After 9/11

Spying on the home front was the one rule that NSA analysts were constantly warned against before 9/11, but that all changed the morning after the attacks.

Press Release | “United States of Secrets”: How the Government Came to Spy on Millions of Americans

In “United States of Secrets,” a two-part series airing May 13 & 20, FRONTLINE reveals the dramatic inside story of how the U.S. government came to monitor and collect the communications of millions of people around the world—and the lengths they went to trying to hide the massive surveillance program from the public.


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