Rx for Survival — A Global Health Challenge

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Program 6: How Safe Are We?

Narrated By

Brad Pitt

Written, Produced and Directed By

Rob Whittlesey


Tina Nguyen

Edited By

Stephanie Munroe
Rob Whittlesey

Music Composed By

Sheldon Mirowitz

Additional Producing

Gary Glassman
Betsy Arledge


Mark Knobil
Mike Fox
Reuben Aaronson
Erich Roland

Sound Recordists

Chris Strollo
Mike Lax
Mark Roberts
Michael Boyle
Michael Glowacki

Location Coordinators

Botswana: Matida Mmipi
Vietnam: Ministry of Information
Thailand: Asiaworks
Hong Kong: June Wong

Production Assistant

Robbie Gemmel

Animation By


John Bair

Renuka Ballal

Amber Kusmenko
Nathan Meier
Molly Schwartz

Orchestration and Programming

Sheldon Mirowitz
Andreas Bjorck
Matt Mariano

Dramatic Sequences Produced By

Dangerous Films, Ltd.

Richard Dale

Kim Bour

Line Producer
Gina Marsh

Director of Photography
Paul Jenkins

Tim White

Production Designer
Joseph Manser

Costume Designer
Ros Little

Make up Designer
Sarita Allison

Martin Sage

Casting Director
Natasha Greenberg

Production Manager
Nion Hazell

1st Assistant Director
Paul Dale

2nd Assistant Director
Nickie Sault

Script Writer
Andrew Bampfield

Art Directors
Tom McEwen
Paul Halter
Kate Guyan

Marcy Cox

Joel Bremen: Daniel Janks
Doctor: Tim Wells
Bremen's Driver: Musiwa Kamundala Akim
John Snow: Geoffrey Towers
Physician: Peter Pacey

Series Creative Consultant

Richard Dale

Post Production

Henninger Media Services

Online: Jef Huey
Colorist: Dave Markun
Mix: Dave Hurley

Narration Record

Six Degrees

Closed Captioning By

The Caption Center

Archival Material Provided By

ABC News Videosource
Botswana TV
Charles River Labs
College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Diamond Information Center
Getty Images/Image Bank Film
Getty Images
ITN Archive
Merck & Co., Inc.
Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
National Archives
National Library of Medicine
National Museum of Health and Mediciine
Public Health Image Library
Tourism Authority of Thailand
University of South Carolina
World Health Organization

Special Thanks

Baylor-Botswana Children's Clinic
Dept. of Animal Health, Vietnam
Dr. Malik Peiris
Dr. William Ho
Dr. Yi Guan
Eli Lilly and Company
Fitzhugh and Mariquita Mullan
Gabriel Malabang
Hanoi French Hospital
Keletso Orphan Day Care Center
Office of the President, Botswana
Pasteur Institute, Vietnam
Princess Marina Hospital
St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital
Thomas Tsang
Tropical Disease Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City
U.S. Centers for Disease Control
World Health Organization

A RCSR Productions Film

Series Advisors

Barry Bloom
Harvard School of Public Health

Nils Daulaire
Global Health Council

Harvey Fineberg
National Institute of Medicine

William Foege
Emory University

Katrina Hedberg
Oregon Public Health Services

Donald Hopkins
The Carter Presidential Center

Michael Osterholm
University of Minnesota

Allan Rosenfield
Columbia University

Jaime Sepulveda Amor
Mexican National Institutes of Health

Alfred Sommer
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins University

Mary Wilson
Harvard University

For Vulcan Productions, Inc.

Production Assistant

Kate Blyth

Assistant Manager, Documentary Productions

Jennifer Senkler

Media Relations Manager

Michael Nank

Manager, Documentary Productions

Pamela Rosenstein

Senior Director, Marketing and Publicity

Jason J. Hunke

Director, Documentary Productions

Bonnie Benjamin Phariss


Exec. Director, Marketing and Publicity

Anne Zeiser

Marketing, Publicity and Station Relations

Adina Barnett
Erin Martin Kane
Mary Beth Lefaivre
Sara Green
Erin Francis
Lisa Cerqueira
Paula Fleming
Lee Kravetz
Patrick Ramirez

Outreach Initiatives

Julie Benyo, Education
Nanda Chitre, Impact Campaign
Vi Zahajszky, Impact Campaign

Business and Legal Affairs

Susan Rosen Shishko


Elaine Coolbrith
Paul Dickinson
Rich Parr

Post Production Associate

Laura Azevedo

Special Projects Assistant

Gaia Remerowski

Unit Managers

Mary Alice Holmes
Salme Lopez

Development Producers

Jennifer Greene
Tina Nguyen
Jason Spingarn-Koff

Series Associate Producer

Jonathan Loewald

Senior Content Director

Linda Harrar

Coordinating Producer

Walter Gadecki

Senior Producer

Lisa Mirowitz

Executives-in-Charge, Vulcan Productions

Paul G. Allen
Jody Patton

Executive-in-Charge, WGBH/NOVA Science Unit

Paula S. Apsell

Executive Producer, Vulcan Productions

Richard Hutton

Series Executive Producer

Larry Klein

A Co-Production of The WGBH/NOVA Science Unit and Vulcan Productions, Inc.