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Rx for Survival — A Global Health Challenge

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Senior Producer
Meredith Nierman
Director of Educational Initiatives
Julie Benyo
Executive Producer
Howard Cutler
Senior Designer
Tyler Howe
Lead Developer
Daniel Bulli
Senior Developer
Jamie Biggar
Molly Frey
Steven Bedard
Julie Benyo
Howard Cutler
Paula Fleming
Linda Harrar
Meredith Nierman
Additional Editorial
Kathleen Donnelly
Anjali Mitter Duva
Ann Senechal
Downloadable Print Materials
Tyler Kemp-Benedict
Chris Randall
Nicole Sanderson
Laura Uhl
Julie Wolf
Production Assistance
Ann Kim
Jennifer Rodriguez
Video Encoding
Jon Alper
Lisa Cerquiera
Legal Counsel
Eric Brass
Sue Kantrowitz
Susan Rosen-Shishko
Elaine Coolbrith
Paul Dickinson
Rich Parr
Video Captioning
The WGBH Caption Center
For WGBH Interactive
Howard Cutler, Executive Producer
Ron LaRussa, Director
Toby Bottorf, Design Director
Peter Pinch and Jon Alper, Directors of Technology
Adriana Sacchi, Business Manager
Tina Lim, Administrative Assistant
For WGBH Educational Foundation
Brigid Sullivan, Executive In Charge
Additional Assistance
Lisa Abitbol, Angela Amara, Nanda Chitre, Walter Gadecki, Sara Green, Mary Alice Holmes, Jeanne Hopkins, Mary Beth LeFaivre, Tyler Kemp-Benedict, Larry Klein, Jonathan Loewald, Salme Lopez, Lisa Mirowitz, Lance Ozier, Debby Paddock, Jon Powell, Gaia Remerowski, Keren Shomer, Mayo Todorovic, and Anne Zeiser.

Project produced in association with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

For Vulcan Productions

Vice President and Executive Producer, Media Development
Richard Hutton
Director, Documentary Production
Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss
Manager, Documentary Production
Pamela Rosenstein
Senior Director, Marketing and Public Relations
Jason Hunke
Senior Manager, Multimedia Productions
Trevor Anthony
Senior Designer
Erik Davidson