Rx for Survival — A Global Health Challenge

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The following materials will be helpful to those seeking a more comprehensive understanding of global health challenges and solutions.

A Closer Walk

Dir. Jonathan Mann, Robert Bilheimer. Worldwide Documentaries, 2002.
A documentary film conceived by the late Jonathan Mann and filmmaker Robert Bilheimer on the effects of AIDS in communities throughout the world www.acloserwalk.org

The Age of AIDS

Series Prod. Renata Simone, FRONTLINE, PBS, 2006.
A four-hour global history of the HIV/AIDS pandemic produced on the 25th anniversary of the first published reports of the disease. Viewable online at www.pbs.org/frontline/aids

The Most Dangerous Woman in America (NOVA)

Dir. Nancy Porter.. PBS, 2003.
A docu-drama about Typhoid Mary, produced and directed by Nancy Porter.

Pandemic: Facing AIDS

Dir. Rory Kennedy. HBO, 2002.
A documentary film by Rory Kennedy that follows the lives of five people living with AIDS in India, Brazil, Thailand, Uganda and Russia.