DEPRESSION: Out of the Shadows
Take One Step: A PBS Health Campaign
DEPRESSION: Out of the Shadows + TAKE ONE STEP: Caring for Depression, with Jane Pauley  

Meet the Producers

Larkin McPhee

Larkin McPhee has made award-winning documentary films for twenty years, examining subjects ranging from the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl to the high-minded ideas emanating from the intellectual stronghold, the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. McPhee has traveled the world, filming on five continents for various film projects. She has also produced two of the most successful shows in the history of PBS pledge drives on the subject of personal finance, featuring Suze Orman.

McPhee is perhaps best known for her intimate, sensitive portrayals of people in critically acclaimed films such as Dying To Be Thin, a NOVA special on eating disorders, and Children By Design, one hour of an eight-hour PBS Series called Secret of Life on the marvels and perils of the genetic revolution.

Over the years, McPhee has worked on the staff at Smithsonian World, National Geographic EXPLORER, and the PBS flagship science series NOVA, where she has written, produced and directed a variety of films. As an independent producer, she has produced a four-hour PBS Special called Big Ideas for WNET Television, as well as an hour-long special about quintuplets for the DISCOVERY Health Channel. Recently, McPhee produced a panel discussion on heart disease for PBS, hosted by Larry King. She has received wide recognition for her work, including the prestigious Emmy and CINE Golden Eagle Awards.

McPhee is a graduate of Middlebury College. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband and three children, ages fifteen, fourteen, and eight.
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Laurie Donnelly

Laurie Donnelly has nearly 30 years of experience in national productions and over 20 years at WGBH/Boston. As the Emmy-award winning Executive Producer of WGBH's Lifestyle Unit, Donnelly produces content and provides leadership for some of public television's most innovative new series including Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie, Food Trip with Todd English, From the Top: Live from Carnegie Hall, This Old House, Ask This Old House, and Real Simple.

Her most current roles include working as Executive Producer for primetime programs within the multi-part PBS Health Campaign series, including The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America, The Truth About Cancer, Caring for Your Parents, and DEPRESSION: Out of the Shadows. She is also currently serving as Executive Producer of the Emmy-award winning PBS series, The Victory Garden, and the public television series Simply Ming starring celebrity chef Ming Tsai.

Donnelly's production credits also include the recent primetime PBS reality series Cooking Under Fire, the popular special Evening at Pops, and several highly acclaimed "how-to" programs. In addition, she has produced over 20 successful national PBS fundraising specials, including two Emmy-nominated collaborations with Director William Cosel: Peter, Paul and Mary: Lifelines, and Peter, Paul and Mommy.

Prior to working for WGBH, Donnelly served as Producer for Dr. Timothy Johnson's nationally syndicated series, Faces of Medicine, Housecalls, and Healthbeat with the Boston ABC affiliate. Donnelly is a distinguished alumnus at Boston University, where she obtained her Master's Degree, while also completing coursework for a doctorate in Community Sociology and receiving a four-year graduate fellowship from the National Institute of Mental Health.

Phylis Geller

Phylis Geller has been a producer and media executive for over thirty years. She has overseen programs in all genres, including history, science, drama, performance and children's programs. Projects under her supervision have won some of the most prestigious awards in broadcasting.

Geller is President of Norman Star Media. In addition to her work as an Executive Producer on DEPRESSION: Out of the Shadows, she is currently producing and directing a theatrical documentary on coal mining. Other recent projects include The Appalachians, a three-part documentary series for PBS; Korean War Stories, a PBS special which won the national Emmy award for Best Historical Documentary; and COSMIC JOURNEY: The Voyager Interstellar Mission and Message, for A&E, which was nominated for the national Emmy Award as Best Science Documentary. She has also produced numerous PBS pledge specials with finance expert Suze Orman, two of which were nominated for national Emmys.

Geller has served as Senior Vice President of Production at three major PBS producing centers: KCET/ Hollywood; WETA in Washington, DC; and Maryland Public Television. She was also Head of Special Projects for Mandalay Media Arts in Los Angeles. She began her career at Thirteen/WNET, New York, on the series The Great American Dream Machine, Theater in America and Great Performances.

Ms. Geller is a graduate of Smith College. She is married to Frederick Pollack, poet and adjunct professor at George Washington University.
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