FAT: What No One Is Telling You
Take One Step: A PBS Health Campaign
FAT: What No One Is Telling You + Take One Step for Your Family's Health  

Meet the Characters

Dr. Amanda Bracho

Dr. America Bracho is the Executive Director of Latino Health Access, a center for health promotion and disease prevention located in Santa Ana, California. This organization was created under her leadership to assist with the multiple health needs of Latinos in Orange County. Latino Health Access facilitates mechanisms of empowerment for the Latino community and uses participatory approaches to community health education. The programs train citizens as community health workers to become leaders of wellness and change. America worked as a physician in her native Venezuela, before coming to the U.S. to obtain a master's degree in Public Health at the University of Michigan. Her public health specialty is Health Education and Health Behavior.
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Rosie Dehli

Rosie Dehli defines herself as "first of all, a grandma" to her six grandchildren. Along with her husband Paul, Rosie lives in Montevideo, Minnesota, where she spent her career as a teacher and elementary school principal. She is now retired from public education, but continues to work as a consultant with the University of Minnesota. After a lifetime of struggling in vain to get to a healthy weight, Rosie finally elected to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Since that time, she has maintained her weight, health, and optimism.
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Mary Dimino

Mary Dimino is an actress and stand-up comic who uses her own weight gains and losses as a source of humor. She lives in Stanton Island, New York with her husband. Born and raised in Queens, Mary was overweight until her late twenties. She also talks about her experience of growing up fat, then achieving and maintaining a significant weight loss, and discusses the role of body image in our society.
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Carla Hurd

Carla Hurd describes herself as "a typical Type A personality, just a real go-getter, and very ambitious." She lives in Seattle with her husband David and their dogs. Carla is a dedicated Microsoft employee, an active outdoorswoman, and enjoys time in the mountains and dog parks. She shares her fitness journey, including her recent participation in a workplace-based program that emphasizes health improvement over weight loss. Carla and David will welcome their first child in 2007.
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Rocky Tayeh

Rocky Tayeh is a 19-year-old college student living with his eight siblings and parents in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood. After a life-long struggle with obesity, Rocky underwent Lap-Band surgery. A combination of this procedure, healthy eating and physical activity has helped Rocky lose over 180 pounds. In addition to his participation with Fat: What No One Is Telling You, Rocky is an award-winning radio journalist who shares his continuing story with radio audiences through his work with National Public Radio affiliate WNYC.
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