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Innovation vs. Invention
Read people's comments on the difference between innovation and invention.

I come from a long line of creative people, all male members on both sides of my family going back two generations have patents and have been leaders in their business. I too have a patent. My sons are creative and have an album Plan:b "Alarm Clock" which seems to be a move away from the mechanical theme to date. Genetics seem to be implicated. I would like other thoughts.

Tom Bentley
Tullahoma, TN

I would like to start this off by saying, Thank you! The piece about Russell Simmons was an inspiration to me. I was recently let go from my job, and just watching that segment gave me that extra push I needed. The push wasn't because of the fame, or his finances, it was because of his drive. The drive to succeed, to make a difference. During the two plus years I worked for this company, I put a lot of time in, the time I believed would make a difference. On a regular basis, I receive phone calls from crew members from my former job, and they tell me, another person just asked for you! They ask for me, because I left a little bit of me in every person I came in contact with, that was my job, and to be on top, everyone has to be on their game. Russsell Simomons, and Sean Carter taught me that. And when a door closes on you, you have to knock, and make sure that other door opens. I haven't had that other door yet, but I assure you, I will be the next young black man, to make that difference in people's lives.

Lehigh Acres, FL

Innovation is as old as man's need to survive. The tools and social enviroment determine how much progress you will see in any one period. For example, during the ancient Greek era many of the most fundamental scientific and philosophical tenets were developed, much of this due to an atmosphere of try and see what works.

Steve R.

page created on 11.9.2004
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