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Teachers' Guide: Suggestions for Active Learning

The series They Made America and this companion Web site offer a look at our nation's history through the unique prism of its innovators, individuals who had big dreams and took great risks in order to realize their visions.

Use all or part of the film, in addition to the resources available on this Web site, to enhance learning both inside the classroom and out.

Classroom Subjects
Language Arts
Social Studies

Grade Level
Grades 9-12

Teachable Topics
The film and Web site take the viewer on a tour of American innovations from the steamboat to CNN, from the Colt revolver to jet engines. Along the way, important topics in American history emerge, including: the role of government in innovation, the contributions of immigrants to America's entrepreneurial culture, the role of innovations in democratizing American society, the promoting and marketing of innovations, the challenges entrepreneurs faced, and the spread of American innovations around the world.

How to Use This Guide
Learning activities are grouped in four parts. "Rebels & Revolutionaries," "Newcomers," and "Gamblers" correspond to sections of the film, while "Innovation" deals with overarching themes.

Each part is further subdivided into 4 categories: economics, geography, civics, and history. Each part includes helpful hints for assistance in structuring or completing the activities. And for more innovation-related activities, please visit the Teachers' Resources Page.

Rebels & Revolutionaries | Newcomers | Gamblers | Innovation

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