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Wild Salad

by Chef Russ Cohen

Wild Salad

Foraging expert Russ Cohen offers a bowl-full of ideas for a scrumptious wild salad

Those of you that make salads know that there is sort of a "yin-yang" quality to a good salad. A good-tasting salad has the right balance of bland ("yin") and spicy ("yang") ingredients. Too much of one or the other can make a salad not very (or too!) interesting to the palate. Fortunately there is a large assortment of edible weeds and other wild plants that fit into both categories.

Note that there are no precise measurements to this recipe — all you need to do is balance out the blander and spicier ingredients to suit your own personal preferences. Russ tends to use chickweed as a base for an autumn salad, then use other items to add different flavors, colors and textures. Also note that there is no need for this salad to be 100 — or even 50 — percent wild; it's fun to add just a few wild ingredients to a conventional salad as well. Nevertheless, it does prove that you can make a wonderfully delicious and visually appealing salad using only wild and foraged ingredients.

Bland, or "yin"


Spicy, or "yang"


Published August 31, 2007