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Program #2701

Premiered Saturday, May 4, 2002

12:30 pm ET on PBS (check local listings)

Michael Weishan tours the new victory garden and demonstrates how the philosophy "design twice, plant once" saves time and money later on. Also on hand is gardening correspondent Paul Epsom who gives tips on garden design tools worthy of investing in-everything from a simple pencil to high-tech software. For those looking to spice things up in the kitchen, the Victory Garden's new "Green Cuisine" segment shows you how to savor the fruits and veggies of your labor with recipes from world-class chefs. This week, Jody Adams, author of In the Hands of a Chef, shows how to jump start the vegetable garden season with her mouth-watering recipes using spring greens.


Program #2702

Premiered Saturday, May 11, 2002

12:30 pm ET on PBS (check local listings)

A chicken coop in every garden? It's one of the latest gardening trends. Michael Weishan shows you the pleasures of raising your own chickens. Join gardening correspondent Paul Epsom in his new "Tools of the Trade" segment as he explores the latest array of weather forecasting options available — from the simple weather stick to the more complex weather center. Also, join celebrated chef Gordon Hamersley who shares the pleasures of cooking with fresh eggs from your own home fowl.


Program #2703

Premiered Saturday, May 18, 2002

12:30 pm ET on PBS (check local listings)

Is your roof deck garden or courtyard in need of rejuvenation? Are you looking for a major redesign of your garden this summer? Tune in and watch Michael Weishan as he takes on the challenge of transforming a small 14x16 Boston roof deck garden into a fragrant, vibrant, outdoor-living space. Looking for garden inspiration? Come with us as we visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the heart of Boston for a genteel indoor garden tour.


Program #2704

Premiered Saturday, May 25, 2002

12:30 pm ET on PBS (check local listings)

Tune in and learn the perks of introducing bees into your own home garden. 10,000 are all it takes to get the Victory Garden's beehive buzzing! Michael Weishan also shares his best bets for selecting spring herbs and creates a culinary masterpiece — an herb container you'll want make yourself to keep close to your kitchen. Chef Jody Adams, a "James Beard Best Chef of the Northeast," rolls up her sleeves to prepare a luscious spring dish with ravioli and sorrel.


Program #2705

Premieres Premiered Saturday, June 1, 2002

12:30pm ET on PBS (check local listings)

Get back to "Garden Basics" with Michael Weishan who dishes the dirt on creating great container gardens. For those of us gardening in a limited space, join Michael at our urban roof deck garden, where you'll learn about "Best Bets" for small shrubs. Join us in the kitchen with Chef Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger as he prepares a recipe of steamed bok choy and shitake mushrooms with rock shrimp flashed with ginger oil.


Program #2706

Premiered Saturday, June 8, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Summertime is tomato time! Join Michael Weishan as he shares soil preparation and growing tips that will ensure a healthy and delicious tomato harvest. Then come into the kitchen with celebrated Chef Jody Adams as she shares creative ways to pair asparagus and salmon.


Program #2707

Premiered Saturday, June 15, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Got a hose that kinks? Tripping over sprinklers? Wasting precious water? This week gardening correspondent Paul Epsom shows us the latest and greatest in garden hoses. Michael Weishan shares his "Best Bets" for choosing perennials. And we're also joined by a floral designer from Winston Flower's in Boston who demonstrates a few tips on arranging of irises to brighten your home.


Program #2708

Premiered Saturday, June 22, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

This week, learn about the many uses of herbs. Michael takes a tour of the Herb Lyceum and picks up some "Best Bets" for beyond-ordinary herbs. Interested in the medicinal use of herbs? The Victory Garden travels to Plimoth Plantation to discover how the cure for the common cold could be in your own backyard garden. Michael also gives a primer on how to grow and enjoy your own lettuce all season long.


Program #2709

Premiered Saturday, June 29, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Are you looking to brighten your garden with annuals? Tune in for tips on selecting striking annuals. Michael Ruggiero joins us as we wrap up work on our roof deck garden, and Michael Weishan visits Blithwold Mansion on Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay to tour the estate's "Inspired Gardens."


Program #2710

Premiered Saturday, July 6, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Have you ever wanted to incorporate a stone wall, walkway or simple ornament into your garden? Tune in to The Victory Garden and find out how and why some of the world's most elegant gardens use stone. We'll also visit the Stoneyard in Littleton, Massachusetts where you'll see countless varieties of stone and practical ideas for introducing stone into your outdoor area. Guest garden correspondent Lee May tours Boston's Museum of Fine Arts' Japanese Garden, "Tenshin-en: Garden of the Heart of Heaven," and learns how stone can be inspirational and symbolic as well as functional in a garden.


Program #2711

Premiered Saturday, July 13, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

This week The Victory Garden travels to Portsmouth, Rhode Island to visit the Green Animals Garden, one of the country's largest topiary gardens. Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom gives his "Best Bets" on plants for hedging and you'll learn how to make magic in your own backyard with his practical pruning tips. Also, join us in the kitchen with world class guest chef Gordon Hamersley as he prepares a savory leg of lamb with rosemary.


Program #2712

Premiered Saturday, July 20, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

The Victory Garden takes the fear and intimidation out of growing roses this week. Tune in and learn the approach Michael Weishan and gardener Kip Anderson take to grow beautiful roses and get garden correspondent Paul Epsom's advice on the best tools to maintain them. Then, join guest correspondent Lee May on a visit to Roseland Nursery for tips and top choices for roses.


Program #2713

Premiered Saturday, July 27, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

This week, help The Victory Garden celebrate the pure and intense flavor of fruit, fresh from the garden. There is no better expert to lead the way than chef Alice Waters of Berkeley's Chez Panisse, voted 2001's #1 restaurant by Gourmet magazine. Also, Michael Weishan heads off to Verrill Farms in Concord, Massachusetts, where owner Steve Verrill helps explain the challenges and rewards of growing strawberries.


Program #2714

Saturday August 3, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Planning on a vacation this summer but still want to keep your garden growing? Consider designing a low-maintenance landscape with host Michael Weishan's "Best Bets" for shrubs that require minimum upkeep. Also, join us in The Victory Garden kitchen as guest chef Ming Tsai of Boston's Blue Ginger prepares his summer soup, Chilled English Pea-Cucumber Gazpacho.


Program #2715

Saturday August 17, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

This week, The Victory Garden's head gardener Kip Anderson shares his creative techniques for the perfect combination of flowers and foliage for abundant container gardens. Then travel with us to New England's premiere wildflower garden, Garden in the Woods, to see how an elaborate bog garden takes shape. Then, get back to basics in your own garden as Michael Weishan demonstrates how to beat the heat while planting your own bog garden.


Program #2716

Saturday August 24, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Is your own vegetable garden crunched due to space? Watch and get your "Best Bets" for selecting and planting vegetables and herbs in containers. Then, come with The Victory Garden to Concord, Massachusetts for a visit to Verrill Farms where owner Steve Verrill shares his secrets for growing some of the state's sweetest corn. Also, join us in the kitchen when celebrated guest chef Chris Schlesinger, author of "Let the Flames Begin," shows how to prepare mouthwatering scallops and bacon with summer succotash.


Program #2717

Saturday August 31, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Gardening by the sea has its own unique challenges. Tune in to The Victory Garden and learn some innovative approaches for planning a shoreline garden as well as tips on tools for water gardening. Then, join renowned guest chef James Walt, of Vancouver, British Columbia's Blue Water Café, as he prepares some incredible stuffed zucchini.


Program #2718

Premiered Saturday, September 7, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Come join The Victory Garden and the popular Antiques Roadshow as we take a road trip to the famed Brimfield Antiques Show in Brimfield, Massachusetts to uncover hidden treasures that you'll want to have in your own backyard. Gardening correspondent Lee May explores the dramatic renovations recently completed at The Elms, a grand Gilded Age estate in Newport, RI. Also, taste what's "new again" as author Amy Goldman introduces us to her passion for heirloom seed varieties, including a unique array of melons. Cathy Miller, author of "Harvesting, Preserving, & Arranging Dried Flowers" also joins Michael and shares her secrets for drying flowers, a skill that has earned her invitations to create arrangements for the past four Presidential administrations.


Program #2719

Premiered Saturday, September 14, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

The Victory Garden's antique and heirloom exploration continues as Michael Weishan unearths creative ideas for placing unique antiques in and around your garden. We'll also meet up again with nationally known heirloom vegetable gardener Amy Goldman, as she provides a tour of her more than 80 varieties of tomatoes, along with demonstrating an age-old method for drying them.


Program #2720

Premiered Saturday, September 21, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Creating a water garden is a hot new trend — Michael Weishan offers his "Best Bets" for plants that are both beautiful and functional whether you're planting your water garden in a pond, steam or bog. And for added inspiration, this week The Victory Garden travels to The Fells, a nostalgic refuge reminiscent of an early 20th-century summer estate, to tour its rock garden — featuring over 600 distinct species of plants. Then it's off to the kitchen where celebrated guest chef Chris Schlesinger, author of "Let the Flames Begin," shows how to prepare a magnificent dish of mussels and garden-fresh parsley.


Program #2721

Premiered Saturday, September 28, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Having trouble getting your garden to flourish with only a tiny bit of sunlight in your yard or deck? Plan your landscape design accordingly by using the The Victory Garden's best tips for gardening in the shade — including an introduction to the many types of shade that gardeners cope with. Then, join us as we demonstrate a great project for the crisp fall days — preserving ferns with a plant press. Host Michael Weishan also pays a visit to the magnificent Garden in the Woods at the New England Wild Flower Society, which boasts New England's finest collection of wildflowers.


Program #2722

Premiered Saturday, October 5, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Is the grass always greener on your neighbor's lawn? Help is on the way. Tune-in to The Victory Garden for the latest in lawn care from Michael Weishan. Get your "Best Bets" on mowers and lawn maintenance tools from garden correspondent Paul Epsom. Michael also visits "The Mount," Edith Wharton's first "real home" to tour the recently restored gardens inspired by Wharton's original 19th-century design.


Program #2723

Premiered Saturday, October 12, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Do you want your front doorstop to be the envy of your neighborhood? Tune in for cutting edge ideas for colorful fall container gardens. Sharon Lovejoy, author and illustrator of the children's book Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots, visits The Victory Garden and shares unique projects that will keep kids and adults alike entertained in the garden. Then, it's off to the kitchen with guest chef James Walt who'll prepare a mouthwatering dish of new potatoes with clams.


Program #2724

Premiered Saturday, October 19, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Digging now means a brighter spring! The Victory Garden reveals tips for selecting and planting unusual bulbs for your garden — along with a variety of design ideas. Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom shows "how-to" plant bulbs for optimal growth and colorful spring bloom. Also, renowned Japanese chef Hiroko Shimbo, of New York's Hiroko's Kitchen, incorporates the bold flavor of garlic in an Asian favorite, gyoza, commonly known as pot-stickers.


Program #2725

Premiered Saturday, October 26, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Don't let the bad weather get you down, bring the best of the garden indoors with The Victory Garden's "Best Bets" on plants for the greenhouse — including citrus. If you have trouble getting your indoor garden to sing, tune in as gardening correspondent Paul Epsom shares advice from his maintenance kit that makes for happy houseplants. Well-known Asian chef Hiroko Shimbo returns to The Victory Garden kitchen and creates a delightful dish of autumn eggplant with a spicy/sweet vinegar marinade.


Program #2726

Premiered Saturday, November 2, 2002

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

The Victory Garden celebrates fall harvest! Join us as we reap the bounty of our 27th season and share an exploration of time-tested gardening ideas with the editor of Old Farmer's Almanac. Pre-eminent heirloom gardener Amy Goldman also returns to demonstrate creative ways of incorporating gourds in your fall plans. We'll also show how a feast can be found by foraging for food in nature, and cooking up what we unearth. Foraging expert Russ Cohen creates a delicious wild salad and vegetarian gumbo. And finally, as we put our garden to bed, you'll learn how it's never too early to start planning for spring. See you in April!

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