Guided Reading Questions about Robert Capa

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1. Read "Combat Photographer and the Battle of the Bulge" by Kenneth Keyon and "Inventing Robert Capa."

2. Answer the following questions to get a sense of Capa's philosophy and work ethic.

  • How does Capa get to know his subjects and familiarize himself with the event that he is supposed to shoot?

  • What does Keyon mean when he writes that Robert Capa "sought stark reality" in his work?

  • Keyon writes that Capa's photographs show "stark reality" while "he coloured his prose." What is the difference? Which medium/approach is more honest?

  • Capa photographed a Spanish soldier shot in action and became famous immediately. Why do you think that photograph made such an impact? What does it imply about photojournalists and location?