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American Masters Podcast

The poet Muriel Rukeyser once wrote that the Universe is made of stories, not of atoms. The American Masters Podcast features new interviews with contemporary artists, along with previously unreleased interviews from the series’ 30+ years of award-winning documentary films. Questions about subscribing to the podcast?
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Season 4

The new season of the American Masters Podcast features 12 biweekly episodes exploring the origin stories of artists and cultural figures. We hear from guests who have created bold new works through an investigation of their own personal history and learn how their upbringings may have influenced their careers.

Season 3
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Led by co-producer/actor Josh Hamilton (“Eighth Grade,” “13 Reasons Why,” “Blaze”), the new season of the American Masters Podcast features 10 biweekly episodes with artists and cultural figures discussing their works, creative processes and heroes. Through the lens of each guest’s own biography, the new season asks: Who has inspired your path to success? What is the value of a hero? What makes someone an American Master?

Season 2
Revolutionary Writers

With new guest host Anna Drezen, Emmy-nominated Saturday Night Live (SNL) writer, comedian and author (How to Win at Feminism, How May We Hate You?, Reductress), this season the American Masters Podcast presents "Revolutionary Writers," 10 episodes that look at the artists that challenge and shape our thoughts through the power of the written word.