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S37 Ep5
Little Richard: King and Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll
Experience the meteoric rise and enduring legacy of Little Richard. With appearances by Keith Richards, Ringo Starr, Big Freedia and more, this portrait of the “King and Queen of Rock and Roll” explores his far-reaching influence — still felt in pop culture today — and his advocacy for the rights of Black artists in the music industry.
Premiered: 6/2/2023
Streaming until: 6/30/2023
S37 Ep4
Nam June Paik: Moon Is the Oldest TV
Artist Nam June Paik.
See the world through the eyes of Nam June Paik, the father of video art and coiner of the term “electronic superhighway.” Born in Japan-occupied Korea, Paik went on to become a pillar of the American avant-garde and transformed modern image-making with his sculptures, films and performances. Experience his creative evolution, as Academy Award nominee Steven Yeun reads from Paik's own writings.
Premiered: 5/16/2023
Streaming until: 6/13/2023
S37 Ep3
In The Making
Follow two performers as they break down barriers in music. Opera singer J’Nai Bridges takes the stage in “A Knee on the Neck,” a choral tribute to George Floyd. Country artist Rissi Palmer redefines success as she works on her latest album, while uplifting other artists of color in the Americana genres.
Premiered: 3/24/2023
S37 Ep2
Dr. Tony Fauci
Follow Dr. Anthony Fauci as he grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic and his 50-year career as the nation’s leading public health advocate. American Masters: Dr. Tony Fauci reveals a rarely seen side of the physician, husband and father as he confronts political backlash, a new administration and questions of the future.
Premiered: 3/21/2023
Streaming until: 6/30/2023
S37 Ep1
Roberta Flack
American Masters: Roberta Flack follows the music icon from a piano lounge through her rise to stardom. From “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” to “Killing Me Softly,” Flack’s virtuosity was inseparable from her commitment to civil rights. Detailing her story in her own words, the film features exclusive access to Flack’s archives and interviews with Rev. Jesse Jackson, Peabo Bryson and more.
Premiered: 1/24/2023
Streaming until: 6/30/2023
S36 Ep8
Groucho & Cavett
Groucho Marx and Dick Cavett
Discover the enduring friendship between television personality Dick Cavett and his mentor iconic comedian Groucho Marx. Their relationship is chronicled through interviews with Cavett, archival footage and interviews with George Burns and others.
Premiered: 12/27/2022
Streaming until: 6/30/2023
S36 Ep7
The Adventures of Saul Bellow
Explore Nobel Prize winner Saul Bellow's impact on American literature and how he navigated through issues of his time, including race, gender and the Jewish immigrant experience. Featuring interviews with Philip Roth, Salman Rushdie and others.
Premiered: 12/12/2022
Streaming until: 6/30/2023
S36 Ep6
Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry It On
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Experience the story of the Oscar-winning Indigenous artist from her rise to prominence in New York’s Greenwich Village folk music scene through her six-decade groundbreaking career as a singer-songwriter, social activist, educator and artist.
Premiered: 11/22/2022
S36 Ep5
Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road
Explore the life and career of the singer, songwriter and co-founder of The Beach Boys. The film traces the legendary performer’s journey of reflection on a drive through Los Angeles with his longtime friend and Rolling Stone editor Jason Fine.
Premiered: 6/14/2022
S4 Ep4
James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket
An encore of James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket (original broadcast August 14, 1989) is scheduled for Friday, August 23 at 9pm on PBS in honor of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington (8/28/1963). This broadcast also coincides with the 25th anniversary of James Baldwin’s death (12/1/1987) and the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation (1/1/1863).
Premiered: 8/23/2013
S36 Ep4
Joe Papp in Five Acts
Joe Papp
Joe Papp, founder of The Public Theater, Free Shakespeare in the Park and producer of groundbreaking plays like "Hair," "A Chorus Line" and "for colored girls," created a 'theater of inclusion' based on the belief that great art is for everyone.
Premiered: 6/3/2022
S36 Ep3
Waterman – Duke: Ambassador of Aloha
Narrated by Jason Momoa, discover the inspiring story and considerable impact of five-time Olympic medalist Duke Kahanamoku. He shattered swimming records and globalized surfing while overcoming racism in a lifetime of personal challenges.
Premiered: 5/10/2022
Streaming until: 6/17/2023
S36 Ep2
Marian Anderson: The Whole World in Her Hands
Discover an international singer who captivated royalty in Europe and defied the conscience of 1939 America. Watch rare archival footage and hear audio recordings exploring her life and career from the Metropolitan Opera to the State Department.
S36 Ep1
Discover the legendary choreographer Alvin Ailey whose dances center on the Black American experience with grace, strength and beauty. Featuring previously unheard audio interviews with Ailey, interviews with those close to him and an intimate glimpse into the Ailey studios today.
Premiered: 1/11/2022
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