November 14th, 2011
Bill T. Jones: A Good Man
Watch the Full Documentary

Bill T. Jones, the recipient of a prestigious MacArthur “genius” grant and winner of two Tony Awards, has been named “an irreplaceable treasure” by the The Dance Heritage Coalition. Above all, he is a socially conscious choreographer who never shies away from controversy — tackling thorny subjects such as race and politics with elegance and intelligence, artistry and originality.

Watch the full documentary, Bill T. Jones: A Good Man, detailing his creative process creating the work Fondly Do We Hope… Fervently Do We Pray.

  • saudia young

    where is the documentary???? I would like to have access to it.

  • Debra

    I would like to watch the documentary. It doesn’t play after the commercial,

  • Tom McNamara

    Make sure your computer has the latest version of Flash. This might be the problem.

    Thanks for watching,

    The AM team

  • Bart Friedman

    We have a lot to learn from Bill T. Jones. However, I’m certain that you as producers or PBS or our local affiliate can do better than to censor him with a loud beep whenever he says the word “shit”. “Shit”, the word, plays a vital role in the creative process and I’m wounded whenever I hear that beep, especially from you.

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