September 7th, 2010
Cachao: Uno Más
Memories of Cachao

In these outtakes from the film, Gloria Estefen, Andy Garcia, and John Santos tell their favorite stories and recall memories of Cachao. They describe the ways his music influenced their lives and tell anecdotes from his life, including one of Cachao’s favorite jokes about how to kill a cat.

  • Menelva

    This documentary is the most beautiful human interest story about a man who was absolutely a musician in his soul.

    I love his music and his life story. What a wonderful husband, father, friend, historian, etc.

    Such a wonderful inspiration to anyone who watches this.

  • Ray Jimenez

    I do not seem to be able to get any of the videos (U-Tube) on my iMac. How can I correct the problem???

  • Lou

    The program was a wonderful experience – one of discover as well as awakening. Cuban music and musicianshad previously been unknown to me, though I lived in Argenina for 3 years, some time ago, and remain immersed in Carlos Gardell and tango.

    My delight in discovering Cachao and his music is beyond words!

    These programs are the reason I support PBS in two stations.

    Can we have more of the same? How about more Thomas Hampson, too ( New Years at the Lincoln Centre).

  • barbara

    will the Cachau documentary be available on dvd??

  • Seek2find

    What an inspiring artist! THANK YOU FOR THIS DOCUMENTARY. It’s soul-filled from the inside out.


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