October 29th, 2003
James Brown
Career Timeline

  • Ashlee

    I love James Brown because he is a soul singer!!!

  • barck


  • Elijah

    we all miss him lets just remember all of his sucess

  • bobby vallentino

    i love him

  • alexis

    what a good man he was he use to call me his daughter but yet none of his family know but me because i never use to be around when they were he use to sing to me andcradle me i was said and very hurt luv u pops

  • pablo

    needs dates like 1956 febuary 12 so and so

  • dylan

    needs more spefic dates

  • aijah

    JAmes Brown is a good man and so much harsh things happened in his life

  • Cynthia

    I grew up listening to james brown. I really enjoy his music. I think that he was very talented and hard working. Every one goes through things in life but that doen’t make you a bad person. Only god can judge.


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