January 29th, 1999
George Lucas and the Power of Myth
Lesson Overview


The American Master’s series lessons for teachers on George Lucas will consist of three major components: the power of myths concerning good and evil, the power of a hero’s journey, and the power of imagination and creativity. Each of these themes will be developed through an examination of values and popular culture. Students will read a variety of myths, conduct Internet research, engage in writing activities, construct debates, and create short projects as they learn about George Lucas and his contributions to society through his work.

Grade Level

6 – 12

Subject Areas

Language Arts; History


Students will:

  • develop understandings of the concept of a hero.

  • conduct a survey and compile the results.

  • read and discuss selections from literature.

  • engage in writing activities.

  • collect artifacts representative of the themes of good vs. evil.
  • conduct Internet research.

  • create presentations based on their reading and research and thoughts.


  • cynthia keith

    The links you have listed for this project are out of date. It looks like an interesting project however the links are not helpful.

  • Myra Plescia

    The links are not active. I have a teacher who would like to use this lesson, but will not be able to.


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