March 19th, 2003
You Are What You Eat: Lessons from Alice Waters
Lesson Overview

Alice Waters, with her “delicious revolution” and now-famous Chez Panisse restaurant, has been a major force behind how Americans think about food, launching the explosion of local farmer’s markets and redesigned supermarket produce departments. She is an activist in both the environment and in nutrition, putting her ideals into action by planting organic gardens at an inner-city middle school, a state prison, and even the Clinton White House. After viewing the AMERICAN MASTERS episode titled ALICE WATERS AND HER DELICIOUS REVOLUTION, students will examine their own eating habits and determine how they can eat food that is both healthier and tastier. Through Guided Reading strategies, students will use their findings to develop a proposal to the principal about improving the quality of food in the school.

Grade Level:
Grades 4 to 6

Time Allotment:

  • Five hours for activities and preparation of final presentation
  • One hour for presentation practice
  • One hour to present to the principal and the kitchen/cafeteria staff

    Subject Matter:
    Nutrition, English, Public Speaking

    Learning Objectives:
    Students will be able to:

  • Write and give a persuasive speech.
  • Poll classmates and family members.
  • Practice their interviewing skills.
  • Present their thesis in a multimedia presentation.
  • Gain some basic knowledge about nutrition, including the importance of eating healthier foods.
  • Work cooperatively in small groups.


    National Standards:

    MCREL LANGUAGE ARTS, Level 2 and 3, Standard 5
    Uses the general skills and strategies of the reading process

    MCREL HEALTH, Level 2 and 3, Standard 6
    Understands essential concepts about nutrition and diet

    MCREL LANGUAGE ARTS, Level 2 and 3, Standard 8
    Uses listening and speaking strategies for different purposes

    MCREL LANGUAGE ARTS, Level 2 and 3, Standard 2
    Knows the characteristics and uses of computer software programs.

    MCREL WORKING WITH OTHERS, Level 2 and 3, Standard 1
    Contributes to the overall effort of a group

    • Maria

      How do you view the episode America Masters-Alice Waters and Her Delicious Revolution that is part of this lesson???? I can’t find it anywhere on the American Masters site


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