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Ten American Masters Who Made Their Mark on Black History

In honor of Black History Month, American Masters looks at just ten of its artists and advocates who shaped America's culture, changed the course of history, and in particular, took a stand in the Civil Rights Movement to create a lawful and just society for all.

Feb 19th, 2014 | 0 comments

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Cab Calloway: Sketches - Watch the Full Documentary

Watch American Masters' one hour tribute to influentia ljazz legend Cab Calloway.

Apr 17th, 2012 | 17 comments

Cab Calloway: Sketches - Timeline: Major Events in Cab's Life

Read a timeline detailing biographical landmarks in the life and career of Cab Calloway.

Feb 21st, 2012 | 2 comments

Cab Calloway: Sketches - Statement from Director Gail Levin

Director Gail Levin explains why she chose to direct the documentary Cab Calloway: Sketches and her hopes for the impact the documentary will have on today's musicians.

Feb 16th, 2012 | 0 comments

Cab Calloway: Sketches - Biographic Essay: Cab Calloway's Rennaissance

In 1980, Cab Calloway was (re)discovered by a new generation, in a filmed tribute to black music, The Blues Brothers.

Feb 16th, 2012 | 1 comment

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Cab Calloway: Sketches - Outtake: The Blues Brothers Band Remembers Cab Calloway

The Blues Brothers Band recalls a fond memory of meeting Cab Calloway.

Feb 14th, 2012 | 0 comments

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Cab Calloway: Sketches - Outtake: Cab Calloway vs. Dizzy Gillespie

Jazz writer Gary Giddens and jazz critic/cultural historian Stanley Crouch tell one of the great stories about the rivalry between Cab Calloway and Dizzy Gillespie.

Feb 14th, 2012 | 0 comments
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