Donald Sutherland


Scenes from the Film

Veteran film actors, including Donald Sutherland, Nathan Lane, and Joan Allen, interpret Dalton Trumbo’s writing in these scenes from the film. WGA Laurel Award Acceptance Speech (David Strathairn) Actor David Strathairn re-enacts Dalton Trumbo’s famous 1970 WGA Laurel Award acceptance speech in which the screenwriter resolutely proclaimed the blacklist a time of evil to which […]


Outtakes from the Film

Actors Liam Neeson and Donald Sutherland perform a pair of Trumbo letters in these outtakes from the film. Birthday Letter (Liam Neeson) Liam Neeson performs a rhyming birthday poem Dalton Trumbo wrote for his beloved son Christopher, recounting the day the boy was born. Sequence of Conflicts Letter (Donald Sutherland) In 1962, Trumbo attached a […]