Gail Levin

In Memoriam: Filmmaker Gail Levin

American Masters‘s friend and colleague Gail Levin, a multiple Emmy award-winning producer and director, has passed away. Levin worked on a variety of genres and projects that ranged from original children’s programming to collaborations with theater and performance artists, working closely with American Masters.

Cab Calloway: Sketches

Statement from Director Gail Levin

Director Gail Levin explains why she chose to direct the documentary Cab Calloway: Sketches and her hopes for the impact the documentary will have on today’s musicians.

Cab Calloway: Sketches

About the Documentary

“Hi de hi de hi de ho!” Charismatic music and dance pioneer Cab Calloway (12-25-1907 – 11-18-94) is an exceptional figure in the history of jazz. As a singer, dancer and bandleader, he charmed audiences around the world with his boundless energy, bravado and elegant showmanship. Calloway was also an ambassador for his race, leading […]

Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides

Interview with filmmaker Gail Levin

Levin discusses what it was like working with the legendary Jeff Bridges for American Masters’ Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides, an actor whose appeal, she points out, spans the generations. “I was surprised to learn that what seems to be an easygoing guy is kind of a guy who frets a bit. He appears to be so easy and “dude-ish” in a way, but he’s not that laid back. He’s not uptight, be he’s intense and he thinks about things…”

Marilyn Monroe: Still Life

Filmmaker Interview

Gail Levin is an Emmy Award-winning producer/director of both television and film. Her most recent AMERICAN MASTERS production was James Dean: Sense Memories, which won a 2005 Cine Golden Eagle award. Below, she answers some questions about her latest project, AMERICAN MASTERS Marilyn Monroe: Still Life. Q: What makes Marilyn Monroe an American Master? A: […]