Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune

Interview: Christopher Hitchens

Before his untimely passing on December 15, 2011, author and journalist Christopher Hitchens sat for an interview for Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune, airing January 23 at 10 pm (check local listings). Hitchens offered his viewpoint on the music of Ochs, the United States involvement in Chile, how the modern documentaries have replaced folk […]


Outtakes: Robert Hilburn

Pop music critic and author of Corn Flakes with John Lennon (And Other Tales from a Rock ‘n’ Roll Life) Robert Hilburn recalls a time when he met John Lennon.

Don Hewitt: 90 Minutes on 60 Minutes

About Don Hewitt

In 1968, CBS News forever changed the face of broadcast journalism with the premiere of 60 MINUTES. It was a revolution in television programming created by veteran newsman Don Hewitt (1922 – 2009). 60 MINUTES was the first news program to break into the Neilsen’s Top ten, and has been the highest rated public news […]

Edward R. Murrow: This Reporter

This Reporter

“This . . . is London.” With those trademark words, crackling over the airwaves from a city in the midst of blitzkrieg, Edward R. Murrow began a journalistic career that has had no equal. From the opening days of World War II through his death in 1965, Murrow had an unparalleled influence on broadcast journalism. […]

Walter Cronkite: Witness to History

About Walter Cronkite

© 2006 LESLIE CLARK, co-producer, Walter Cronkite: Witness to History In Memoriam 1916 – 2009 “Walter’s career curve and the curve of network television absolutely dovetailed. And, and he held that position for so long under such vastly changing circumstances … that it seemed to most people that as they got their first television set, […]