Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday Celebration from Madison Square Garden
"We Shall Overcome"

A well rounded ensemble of musicians featuring many of Seeger’s friends sing a moving round of “We Shall Overcome” on the stage of Madison Square Garden for his landmark birthday concert.

More performances:
Seeger and Friends Perform “This Land Is Your Land”
The Happy Birthday Song
Joan Baez Performs “Where Have All the Flowers Gone”

  • Linda Kaplan

    Don’t miss this fabulous birthday celebration in honor of Pete Seeger’s 90th birthday. I was there, and it is awesome.

  • Beth Cronk

    THis was one of the most exciting concerts I was priveledged to witness

  • Belle Parmet

    Date of Pete Seeger concert on WHYY

  • Jon Locke

    I am 68 years old. I am proud to say “I was there.” We really thought we could change the world. Imarched against the Vietnam war in Los Angeles,San Francisco and my home town. When I heard, “This land is my land. This land is your land.” It gave me a real sense of ownership.

  • Preservation Hall Jazz Band

    We were there on stage! What an amazing experience. What an honor to pay tribute to an American musical hero.

  • Zaheer Alam Kidvai

    @Jon Locke: I am 68, too, and live in faraway Pakistan., now. I could just “re-tweet” your comment. Isn’t this such an amazing world that two people so far away can feel far closer than even the nearest of neighbours. Peace.

  • Chip Taylor

    I was there too. What a great evening. When I saw all the TV cameras I knew it would surface on PBS eventually. Now I await the DVD.

  • Phil Ruse

    I was fortunate to be in New York on a holiday from Australia. What a great concert – the concert alone was worth the trip. Can anyone advise when DVD will be released as not likely to hear in Australia

  • Jill Paperno

    This concert should be required seeing in all schools.

  • Martha Davidson

    Just listened to’s live stream of Pete Seeger’s performance at the 2009 Newport Folk Festival… They are podcasting it. We also had a live chat online and I shared the link for this show. Everyone there would agree with you that Pete’s gift is for the whole world. Indeed, school children should see this.

  • Martha Davidson

    Just listened to’s live stream of Pete Seeger’s performance at the 2009 Newport Folk Festival… They are podcasting it. We also had a live chat online and I shared the link for this show. Everyone there would agree with you that Pete’s gift is for the whole world. Indeed, school children should see this.

  • Paula Hoffman

    I am shocked and dismayed that CHICAGO’s WTTW will NOT be airing the concert!???????? WHY !!!!!!
    Will it be issued in full on video? I hope so!
    He was my hero beginning at age 5 and moves me to tears and admiration to this day and beyond.

  • Plowhandle

    WTTW Chicago will NOT be broadcasting this ?? This is why I pledge dollars each year to the PBS Family ??

    This is a SERIOUS PROBLEM and this websaite is a difficult and nasty web of nonsense to navigate…these problems had best be addressed and fixed before we start to withdraw our support and our DOLLARS from a shrinking, silly organization that can’t keep its members happy.

  • Marlene Brill

    Please tell me it’s not true that you’re not airing Pete’s birthday musicfest! he’s always been a favorite, and most of us couldn’t fly to New York for the big bash and would love to see it on public television.

  • Nippertown!

    [...] you missed the premiere on WMHT-TV last Sunday evening, the public television channel is repeating “Great Performances: Pete Seeger’s 90th Birthday Concert from Madison Square Garden,&#82… twice this [...]

  • Kathleen Keilch

    Great show! One suggestion for “We Shall Overcome”: sing a verse in Spanish like the farmworkers do — “Nosotros Venceremos. . . “

  • Ann Rust

    I missed this and am very anxious to be notified when it will be on another time — please respond!

  • Jessica

    As a 23 year old, I was priveledged to witness this concert. What an amazing person Pete is- MaHe has touched the hearts of many people from around the world. He has truly made a difference.

  • judith Schuster

    When are you going to show it on WHYY that is during regular viewing hours, not the 2:00 AM as listed?



  • steve

    Love the concert ,who was the older black gentlemen with beard playing the guitar,singing motherless child ,loved him

  • Janet from Another Planet

    #21–It was Richie Havens. I, too, attended the concert and hope our local PBS airs it, again, soon.

  • Chrissie

    When does the DVD come out – we don’t get PBS in Scotland.

  • bruce chodosh

    How can I get a copy of the DVD of this wonderful concert?

  • Pat Green

    our local station went off a few minutes into the concert. Will it be aired again?

  • The Wenatchee World » Mathis, Maria and Beautiful Memories

    [...] play and sing his own and Gordon Lightfoot’s music. We made good memories then.   Now, on Great Performances, we’re listening to a tribute to Pete Seeger, with Dave Matthews, Joan Baez, Emmy Lou Harris, [...]

  • DeDe Johnson

    Oh, my! It’s stuff like this that makes me glad to be old enough to have lived through those times and loved this music. Make my eyes well up!

  • Gerty Bataille, a sailor of Clearwater from Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

    Having been a member of Hudson River Sloop Clearwater for many years, I enjoyed the songs of this concert that PBS put on the site very much. It made the ocean that is between the U.S.A. and The Netherlands a little smaller for me for some time. So for all the music, peace and sails for a better environment that you have given to the people: Thank you Pete! Happy 90th Birthday! I know that Clearwater is celebrating her 40th year this year.
    We will continue to sail on for the people and a better environment. We must. On the Hudson River, in The Netherlands again too, one day, I hope, …. and all around the world. All it takes is people, music and peace … and a sailing vessel, of course, in the wake of Clearwater and the message that Pete Seeger gave it.

  • Alan H. Hall, MD.

    Am I too late. I think I’ve played every one of his songs and Woodie’s and I wish I could have been on the moon with Neil and Buzz, but I was just at a certain School of Music then.

  • George

    Harry Chapin was singing along in heaven.

  • David

    Don’t know if you have found the DVD by now but it is available from

  • Montserrat Morales

    Hi, I would like to have this DVD, i don’t know how to do. It’s possible to buy it. I’m in Barcelona, Spain

    Thank you

  • Amerah Henrene Shabazz-Bridges

    I vaguely remember hearing the name Pete Seeger; I remember seeing him receive the President’s award when Aretha Franklin received her’s; but I did not understand the major role he and his music played during the Civil Rights Movement until today during a segment on PBS. This man, Mr. Pete Seeger, is an UNSUNG HERO. Thank you, Mr. Seeger, for spearheading the clean up of the Hudson River; speaking truth about the Vietnam war; and all of the other important projects you supported, started, etc.; thanks for the lyrics you added to Dr. King’s “We shall over come” – one that we are still singing. Thank you and God bless you.

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