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January 4th, 2009
Interactive Timeline: Lincoln Over Time

Take this interactive challenge to place events and images from the life of Abraham Lincoln in chronological order.

  • marla

    as a child i was baught up to respect and love the great emancapator. As i grew up and grad from college and history became my favorite past time i found that this man was not what i thaught he was. my grandmother and great great aunties they look at him as a savior i tried my best to explain how he did not free one slave but that is just there way.

  • Charles

    What a wonderful tool! I will most definitely utilize this with my middle school students. Thank you PBS!

  • Anka Dede

    He may have freed the slaves by the Emancipation Proclamation. When I think about it, for the fact that it took so many months or years for the Blacks to know they were free, coupled with his personal belief on the superiority of the white race, I don’t really care much about his proclamation. Yes, Slavery was bad, the worst of all sins, and they all knew it and condoned it. What use is it if he couldn’t just see people as just people?
    I have a copy of that letter of compromise where he technically said that the South could hold Blacks in slavery. It bungles my mind that Blacks who know can’t even teach the least among us about the facts. We shouldn’t be afraid to displease those who adore him by sticking to the facts. He was a great man but he sure didn’t see us as equals. If he had his way, it was okay for us to be classified as less than the white race, that we are not anyway, Thank Goodness.

  • Mary

    Sometimes it’s hard to understand…or accept…that everything has a time and place…that everything perhaps happens for a reason…I wonder if today we would be where we are as a world…if things had been different…if he had had the opportunity to carry out other/all plans…if all the slaves had been re-colonized…what would America look like today…life has a way of working itself out for the best in the end…a snap shot of today’s America is proof of that…

  • unconditional

    thank you for re-visiting Lincoln and his mistake was indeed creating the carnage of most US killed in any war totalled

    Lincoln could have chosen to emancipate the African Americans and to stop the civil war in his second term

    Just as currently dearest Barack is making the mistake of believing that educational degree elevates a person and forgets that “happiness and equality of opportunities” are destroyed

    this is easily explained by the “Parable of the Spoons”

  • bobby

    omgomg this is the funnest site evva

  • kathy

    How many of us live comfortable lives and don’t confront our own perceptions of justice and social responsibility? Lincoln was a man of his time. What is intriguing is the visible change in his thoughts throughout his presidency. It is the world forces that contributed to and the social climate that created Lincoln. I think as a nation, we are fortunate to have had a Lincoln in that time of our history however sad it was that he was so long in the making. But is a travesty what was allowed to become of the south after the war and a legacy that the south endures still. Thank you for this provocative video and the excellent educational recourses.

  • Gonzalo

    Thanks PBS for Lincoln’s more humane face. I will share this with my adult’s Citizenship class.

  • dianna

    thank you pbs i did not knom this about this man.

  • nautica

    thanks pbs i did not know all of this information about lincoln even though he was our 16 president of the united states

  • John

    We must remember that the city of Washington was surrounded by southern states when Lincoln took office. Rebel sympathizers cut all telegraph lines going into the city, thereby cutting off all communications with the North. In fact, Lincoln had to sneak into the city for the inauguration. Lincoln’s attitudes were compromised by this situation. He had to show some sympathy toward southern interests in order to prevent many other southern states from joining the rebellion. Years before Lincoln became president, he presented strong arguments against slavery. A sweet and gentle soul, at heart Lincoln was anti-slavery.

  • Cel Holloway

    A history over!!!! I will use this to continue to inspire students to learn everything they can about “Our History”. Thank You PBS

  • lakenya

    abraham li ncoln was and inspiratiopn to the sll the african americans

  • George

    this is a very helpful time line !!!!! i will use this in my studies and tell other people about it!!there is a lot to learn about Lincoln and i think with this time line i will l;earn more thingas about him

  • :)

    He iz awesome!!11!

  • Mr.Harlem

    I love Lincoln! I’ll teach children about him.

  • leticia

    I am really satified with what PBS has done to inform us all about our president Abe Lincoln and what he stands for. I am going to share this new infornation with all my classmates. Thank you PBS.

  • gustavo miguel gomez

    fun game
    It help me allot

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