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January 2nd, 2009
Interactive Map: Lincoln Statues Across the Country

Photos courtesy of David Wiegers, Gurnee, Illinois.

Wiegers has visited and photographed over 200 statues of Abraham Lincoln and has plans to publish his photographs in a book tentatively entitled “A Life Worth Remembering – the Monumental Legacy of Abraham Lincoln.”

  • Rosiethe Riveter

    You missed a statue. There is another of Lincoln in Peekskill, NY.

  • Bob

    You missed one in Idaho, too.

  • Noble Drew Ali

    And let us not forget the Lincoln statue in Newark, New Jersey. It stands right in front of the Essex County Court House and is certainly deserving of a place in Mr. Wiegers upcoming book.

  • Dave Wiegers

    The statues of Lincoln shown on this website are in no way a list of all of the statues of Lincoln in the US. I have visited each of the statues mentioned in the comments.

    At this point, I have visited and photgraphed well over 200 Lincoln works. all 200 could not be included on this map.
    Just this year, there are going to be a dozen or so new works dedicated.

  • Glenn Sherwood

    I don’t see the statue of Lincoln by Vinnie Ream listed and it’s one of the more important ones. It’s at least 50 years older than the big Lincoln Memorial work by French. Miss Ream was just a teenage girl when she got the commission to make a statue of Lincoln for the U.S. Capitol in 1866 at the age of 18. Her marble statue was unveiled in 1871. It’s one of the oldest statues in the U.S. Capitol. Miss Ream is also one of the few artists who actually modeled Lincoln from life sittings. She measured the suit Lincoln wore on the night he was shot and she had the full-size figure inspected by surgeons for accuracy.

  • Dave Wiegers

    Glenn is correct in regards to the Vinnie Ream work. She is one of a very few female sculptors to model a life size or heroic size statue of Lincoln. Anna Hyatt Huntington, the noted sculptor, has a large Lincoln on Horseback at the entrance to Lincoln’s New Salem near Springfield, IL. There are several copies of this statue around the United States, including one copy on the campus of Syracuse University and another in lincoln City, Oregon.
    This past week, Paula Slater’s new piece for Springfield, KY called In Sacred Union, was dedicated.

  • Bruce B. Butgereit

    I’d like to add to your list a bronze bust of Lincoln on a granite column in Grand Rapids, MI. Dedicated in 1913. Considered by many one of the greatest likeness of Lincoln. Sculpted by Adolph Weinman (1913), fellow student of Daniel Chester French (Lincoln Memorial) and both students of Augustus St. Gaudens (Chicago). The bust will be professionally restored this year by a local Boy Scout seeking his Eagle badge.

  • Dave wiegers

    I have visited and photographed this work. I cought it early in the morning and it one on of my favorite photos.

    The bust is basically the head of Lincoln from the large work that Weinman did for Hodgenville, KY and Madison, WI. He also did a very nice work that resides inside the state capital buidling in Frankfort, KY.

    Question, the Boy Scout is a professional restorer?

  • Megan Fischer

    This list is missing the first memorial to Lincoln in Washington D.C. at Lincoln Park. It was dedicated in 1876 on April 14th and the keynote speech with given by Fredrick Douglass after 25,000 people walked on down Capitol Street to the park including President Grant, his cabinet, and several members of Congress. Even though there is controversy around the statue itself it was nearly entirely paid for by funds of newly emancipated slaves.

  • Dave Wiegers

    Actually the first statue honoring Lincoln in DC was done by Lott Flannery in 1868 and is today in front of the old DC courthouse building in Judiciary Square. The next oldest would be the statue of Lincoln by the female sculptress Vinnie Ream in the Capital from 1871. She had an opportunity to sculpt Lincoln in life when he was in the White House.
    FYI, there is a copy of the Emancipation statue by Ball that you mention in Boston, MA.



  • compare oregon public schools

    You missed a statue. There is another of Lincoln in Peekskill, NY.

  • Susan Schneider

    David, I understand from cousin Sandy Sciamanna that your book has been published and available to buy. i look forward to having one. do let me best to buy one.


  • Jim Mize

    Sir, Have you visited Bunker Hill Il, and seen the statue of Lincoln in the middle of town? It was sculpted by William Grandville Hastings and donated by Captain Charles Clinton of the First Missouri Voluntary Cavalry in 1904.

  • Skip Critell

    2 statues in Idaho, both in Boise. 1 is one of the oldest west of the Mississippi. The other was done by Irene Deely, the creator of Lady Liberty “Let’s Roll”. I would be happy to send you details & pics.

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