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Case File: Amazon Warrior Women
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Amazons -- warrior women or ancient myth?
Did Amazon warrior women, the Antiope and Hippolyte, belong to an extinct matriarchal warrior society? Or were they simply fictional characters depicted in ancient Greek mythology?

Who were the Amazons?

What is known of the actual Amazons within the Aegean is very little, and yet intrigue about a race of dominant warrior women in the bronze age has flourished from ancient times into the present.

The Amazons
Is there more behind these famous warrior women than mere fantasy? Join in a virtual archaeological expedition to fathom this mysterious myth.

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The Trojan War
A sequence of major events in the Trojan War.

The Trojan War: The Judgement of Paris
According to legend, the chain of events that led to the Trojan War started at a royal wedding.

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