Mummy Week streaming schedule

In celebration of Halloween, we're re-releasing the most famous mummies (and mysteriously missing mummies) in history from Secrets of the Dead for all to see. Watch between October 27 and November 5, when they return to the PBS members' vault!

On PBS’ Secrets of the Dead: ‘Resurrecting Richard III’

By Dominic Smee Interesting fact. The American version of the documentary produced for Channel 4 is actually the “director’s cut” and a whole ten minutes longer, despite having nearly 100 hours of footage on the cutting room floor! So not only did you get to see the program as the Director intended, but also you […]

The Mystery of Van Gogh’s Ear

By Bernadette Murphy Since I made the TV program “Van Gogh’s Ear” for SECRETS OF THE DEAD, my life has changed pretty much completely. I’ve given public talks at many museums and institutions—the National Gallery in London, for example—been invited to speak at major literary festivals, received a letter from the Van Gogh descendants congratulating […]

New results from Teotihuacan

As a series that fuses science and history together, Secrets of the Dead’s goal is to share stories of discovery that have used science to unravel the past. Science provides a unique lens through which to view history and it is as much about the exploration as it is the final results and findings.