Van Gogh’s Ear

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Van Gogh’s Ear

The Sunflowers and Paul Gauguin

The walls of the yellow house were soon covered with paintings inspired by Vincent’s Arles experience including the iconic sunflowers. Paul Gauguin was something of a celebrity in the modern art world. He was lured by the sunflowers, and moved to Arles and took up residence at the Yellow House on October 23rd, 1888. Secrets […]

Van Gogh’s Ear

Why did Vincent van Gogh cut his ear on December 23, 1888?

During his 15-month stay in the city of Arles, in the south of France, an aspiring artist Vincent van Gogh would paint more than two hundred paintings that captured the people and places he encountered. But during his time here, he would also suffer a cataclysmic breakdown, culminating in an act of bloody self-mutilation. What led to the tragic downfall of this tortured genius? Did he cut off his whole ear? Or, as some believe, just a small piece of it?

Secrets in the News: October 4 – 10, 2014

Archaeologists from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona discovered a palatial construction with an audience hall at La Almoloya in Pliego, Murcia, Spain. A prince’s tomb in the subsoil contains the largest amount of grave goods from the Bronze Age — including outstanding items like a silver diadem, and four golden and silver ear dilators — unusual objects for that era.

Michelangelo Revealed

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Historians have long wondered about the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, but now, art historian Antonio Forcellino believes he has pieced together evidence of a deep rift between the Church and the esteemed artist.