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What you need to know

What is Financial Literacy?
Learn why financial literacy is more than balancing checkbooks and comparing prices.

Hip Hop Summit Action Network
Learn more about the Hip Hop Summit Action Network and its Get Your Money Right event.

Expert Advice: Setting Financial Priorities
Tips for prioritizing your financial life and helping you prosper.

Expert Advice: Needs vs. Wants
Tips for creating a budget and separating needs from wants.

Home Budget Calculator
This home budget calculator will help you determine where your money is actually going.

Choosing the Right Bank
Find out everything you need to know about banks.

Expert Advice: Controlling Credit
Tips for controlling debt and credit scores.

Do You Have a Debt Problem?
Take the Your Money Counts quiz to see if you have a problem with credit.

What Does Your Credit Score Mean?
Learn the basics about your credit score.

Expert Advice: Getting in the Habit of Saving
Facts about the powerful benefits of saving.

Savings Calculator
Use the Savings Calculator to find out how the right savings strategy can work for you.

Retirement Shortfall
Use the Retirement Shortfall Calculator to find out how long your current savings will last.

Expert Advice: Types of Insurance
Facts about getting the right insurance at the right time.

Understanding Insurance
Find out how to choose the right insurance company, premiums, and deductibles.

A Working Woman's Guide to Financial Security
Learn everything you need to know about organizing, planning, and taking control of your finances.

The Entrepreneur Challenge
Answer these fun questions to see if you have what it takes to start your own business.

How Taxes Work
Learn about withholding your income and filing your tax return.

Plan with a Professional
Learn how a trained professional can help you make the right financial decisions.

Real Questions, Real Answers

See how the cast of Your Life, Your Money handles their financial challenges.

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