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Educators & Families - So, you want to get your financial life on track? You're in the right place!

Find resources, activities and lesson plans to help young adults overcome financial challenges and learn money basics. Our Facilitator's Guide provides meaningful activities and the Young Money Magazine: Special Edition Guide for Your Life, Your Money features stories and helpful tips written for young adults. Whether you're a teacher, facilitator, or parent, you will find useful ways to get someone's financial life on track.

Facilitator's Guide

Get the YLYM lessons and activities (and more!) in one PDF document. (Web Exclusives not included.)

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Young Money

Browse compelling articles, financial info, and hands-on activities for young adults.

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Browse this complete list of financial terms and vocabulary. It’s the easiest way to talk dollars and cents in no time at all.


annual fee

a fee for having an active credit card. Most credit card providers no longer require an annual fee.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

the percentage cost of credit on an annual basis, which must be disclosed by law. Example 1: A $100 loan repaid in its entirety after one year with a $10 finance charge ($9 interest plus a $1 service fee) has an APR of 10%. Example 2: A $100 one-year loan with a $10 finance charge repaid in twelve equal installments (meaning the borrower has the use of less and less of the loan principal each month) has an APR of 18%.

auto insurance

provides liability and property damage coverage under specific circumstances related to one's automobile.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

a computer terminal used to conduct business with a financial institution or purchase items such as postage stamps or transportation tickets; also known as a cash machine.

automatic savings plan

a direct deposit from your paycheck directly into your savings account, a number of dollars designated by the payee.

Show Transcripts

Read through a complete transcript of Your Life, Your Money - and catch any financial tips that you might have missed.

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Get the financial information you need from a variety of national organizations.

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