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Punjabi immigrants

1903. Punjabi Sikhs begin to enter British Columbia.

1904. 6,000 - 15,000 South Asians, the majority of whom are male farmers of the SIKH religion, originally from the Punjab province of India, north of Delhi immigrate to the Pacific coast of Canada and the United States.

1906-07. Asian Indians, as with other Asian groups, suffer attacks almost from the beginning: Anti-Asian riot in Vancouver. White lumber mill workers driving East Indian workers out of Bellingham, Washington.

1910. One woman and two girls arrive in San Francisco from India, bringing the total number of Indian women on the West Coast to six.

1912. Sikh Temple established in Stockton, California.

1913. Sikhs in Washington and Oregon establish Hindustani Association.

1923. Baghat Singh Thind in pursuit of his citizenship rights mounts a U.S. Supreme Court challenge in United States vs. Thind, which however rules that aliens from India are ineligible for American citizenship.