Arguing the World Interactive Quiz

Take this short quiz to discover what your political leanings are. Just answer each of the following questions and then calculate your score below to learn if you're socialist, liberal, conservative or libertarian.

1)You believe that economic equality should be the most important goal of the American democratic system.
Feel strongly that it should
One among several goals
Not a critical goal

2)You believe that equal opportunity is a more important value than economic equality.
Should be balanced
Definitely not

3)You feel that religious expression has been harmfully excluded from our society because of a misreading of the constitutional doctrine of separation of church and state.

4)You believe that the federal government should play a significant role in regulating the economic forces that shape the market.
A very significant role.
Some kind of role
Little or no role

5)What is the role of government in alleviating poverty and social inequality?
No role
Limited role
Government should ensure equality

6)You believe that the federal government should play a role in shaping the moral values of its citizens?

7)You believe that the best solution to poverty in America lies in:
Economic growth
Government intervention

8)You believe there should be an equitable distribution of present day earnings and property in America.
To a degree

9)You believe that government should raise taxes in order to ensure greater economic equality among all Americans.
For a substantial raise
Would agree to some raise
Absolutely not

10)Do you believe that workers should own the corporations for which they work?
Significant ownership
Union representation more than ownership


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