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Peak Performance: Sports and the Mind
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The United States Olympic Committee has adopted certain mind/body techniques into the training regimen of its athletes. You can read about the specifics of the USOC's relaxation and mental imagery techniques and other aspects of sports psychology by going to their Website at Then click on Inside the USOC in the blue Olympic ring to get to the next page where you can click on Online Library. Then look for Sports Psychology.

There are a number of books on the subject of sports and training techniques using mind/body exercises. A few that served as resources for this story are:

  • In the Zone, by Michael Murphy and Rhea White (Penguin Books, 1995)
  • Mental Training for Peak Performance, by Steven Ungerleider, Ph.D. (Rodale Press, 1996)
  • Playing in the Zone, by Andrew Cooper (Shambhala Publications, 1998)
  • Body, Mind and Sport, by John Douillard (Random House, 1995)

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Body & Soul is currently airing Monday-Friday at 7:00pm and 8:30pm on PBS YOU.

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